Motion Detectors

How do prpximity detectors work?

These electronic devices are equipped with sensors that respond to a physical movement. They are generally used for security systems, closed circuit TV and for residential purposes thus increasing the house comfort. GreenIce has in its catalog, microwave detectors or by means of infrared and choosing one or the other depends on the needs for each case.

We can highlight:

Detector types

Two main types can be found as a function of the working wavelength.

  • Infrared (IR): This type of detectors bases its operation on the concept that all bodies emit heat (thermal radiation) depending on the temperature they have. Due to this principle, this type of detectors are the most suitable for the detection of people.
  • Radiofrequency (RF): These are based on the emission / reception of radio waves. This type of detectors are very sensitive, so you have to take into account in place of the installation because it can cross walls and have a constant operation. it is possible to control its on and off by varying parameters such as range, detection time or even luminosity. Its installation is very useful in areas of passage, emergency stairs, parking, etc. due to the adjustment that can be made in its functionality.
    Thanks to its detection through microwaves can be installed in areas covers without risk of defects in its operation.

In GreenIce we have in our cathode with detectors that work with both technologies, having the ideal solution for all cases.