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SMD5630 24VDC LED Strips

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Characteristics and assembly of smd5630 LED strips 24vdc

The SMD 5630 LED Strips, working at 24 VDC, are high powered and more illuminative.

They are ideal for installations where you want to achieve a more intense lighting than that provided by the SMD 2835 and SMD 5050 strips.

As for the installation, simply connect a transformer to the network and connect the strip to it to have the desired lighting. If you want to make a regulation of light intensity, it is possible to add a dimmer to the installation.

The SMD5630 24VDC LED Strips are available in shades of natural white, warm white, cold white and colors such as green, red, yellow and blue. All the strips have two versions, one with protection IP25 (designed for interiors) and another with protection IP65 (designed for outdoor).