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Characteristics to be taken into account when illuminating outdoor areas or gardens.

LED lighting designed for outdoor lighting. In this category there are Floodlights, Street Lighting, Pool and Fountains Lights, Recessed Deck and Inground Lights, decorative Garden Spotlights, Waterproof Fittings, Bars and Floodlights for Cars and Boats, Rechargeable Floodlights, Wall Washers, Solar Lighting, Modules, Transformers, Exterior Fixtures, Recessed Wall lights, Wall Lights, Surface Mounted Fittings, Walltop Lamps, Bollards and Hanging Lamps. Every one of them comes with an IP65 Ingress protection level or higher.

We call Led Lighting for Outdoor and Gardens to all those luminaires manufactured to provide the best lighting performance and to be installed outdoors, supporting the different meteorological inclemencies, changes in temperature.

In Led Lighting for exteriors and gardens we find all kinds of LED products designed specifically for use and lighting in gardens, swimming pools, fountains, signage. All of them have the necessary characteristics for their operation in outdoor environments and resistance over time.

Operational stress

One very important aspect that all the products of this category fulfill is the operating tension. For the installations of a Very Low Safety Tension (MBTS), that is, all the products that are installed outside, it is recommended that they work at low voltages, either in alternating current (AC) or direct current (DC ). In this way, all outdoor products tend to have voltages of 12 VDC / VAC or 24 VAC. It should be noted that this type of bulbs need a transformer with the security measures established in the UNE standards.

There are also alternatives in 220 VAC available for outdoor installation. These products have greater protection, although they are not recommended in areas where the water will be very direct, to avoid electrical shock problems and accidents that may come in danger.