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MR16/GU5,3 LED Spots

LED bulbs mr16 / gu5.3. When they are necessary

The MR16 (GU5, 3) and the MR11 (GU4) LED Spots are the substitutes of the so-called halogen lamp. The difference is that GU10 Spots need a transformer as they operate at 12 VDC. The installation is very simple as it is a question of replacing the old one by the new spot using the same mounting rings where the older lamps were placed.

They differ from GU10 Led Bulbs in that they need a transformer since they operate at 12 VDC. These consist of two small pins for your connection to the network.

Led bulbs MR16 / GU5,3 are always installed in the recessed rings. As for the applications of this type of light bulb, we can find them in homes, shopping centers, staircases, offices and all kinds of sites with operations of 12V 220V.

At GreenIce we have a large variety of Led Bulbs MR16 / GU5.3 with different types of LED, such as COB or SMD.