The LED Strips and Tubes are ideal as decorative, ambient or architectural lighting. Different lighting projects can be acquired, where the limit is put by the client's imagination. Available in monocolor, RGB and different powers, they make it a very attractive product to illuminate any space.


  • 12VDC LED Strips
  • 24VDC LED Strips
  • 12VDC RGB LED Strips
    The RGB LED Strips consist of a combination of SMD 5050 chips, in red, green and blue, allowing to obtain these three colors as well as those obtained from the mixture of them. As for the for the RGB LED Strips installation, it is necessary to install a transformer, a controller (to be able to regulate intensity, effects and colors) and the RGB strip itself. This type of strip can be used in residential, catering, commercial purposes, etc. All strips come in two versions, one with IP25 protection (designed for indoor use) and another with IP65 protection (designed for outdoor use).
  • Transformers for 12/24VDC LED Strips

    The Power Supplies are an essential tool for the proper operation of LED strips, as they convert the mains voltage (220 VAC) to the necessary voltage (12 or 24 VDC) required by LED strips. The transformer’s power varies depending on how many meter of LED strip, the client wants to install, thus finding transformers raging from 24W up to 400W.

  • 220VAC LED Strips
    The 220 VAC LED strips are connected directly to the power grid by means of a plug thus facilitating the installation to the end user. In our catalog we have a great variety of different power and shades strips (monochrome or RGB). All 220 VAC strips have IP65 protection, which makes them ideal for outdoor installation, although they can also be installed indoors. In addition, we have in our catalog, LED strings widely used for decorative and / or festive applications.
  • Variable Colour Temperature LED Strips
    Variable Color Temperature LED Strips allow the user to choose the white light tone they want at any given time, and also to choose, through a controller, whether they want to make the lighting in warm, natural or cool white. As for the installation, it is necessary to install a transformer, a controller (to be able to regulate intensity, effects and white tones) and the strip itself.
  • Digital 12VDC LED Strips
    The Digital LED strips can be classified as a variant of RGB strips. These types of strips provide the end user with a wider range of effects and colors than RGB strips. Within our catalog, GreenIce has two well-differentiated models. The RGB Digital strip gives the customer a quality jump in the use of the RGB strips as these strips guarantee a repertoire of colors and effects more complete than the normal RGB strips. As for Chasing Magic strips, they are the most recommended option when the customer wants to perform follow-up effects from left to right or right to left in a full range of colors. This type of strip is highly recommended for festive use such as concert halls, discos, etc.
  • LED Strip Kits
    The LED Strip kits are packages made by the GreenIce team that make it easy for the customer to install LED strips. This type of kits is oriented to the customer who wants to start within the world of LED strips.
  • LED NeonFlex
    NeonFlex hoses are a variant of the 220 VAC strips. They have a PVC coating that improves the lighting efficiency. Being flexible, it is very simple to install and some of its possible uses are to create corners, curves, letters, logos and any other application where neon glass tubes were installed. There is also a 24 VDC NeonFlex version.
  • Rigid 12/24VDC LED Strips
    The Rigid LED Strips are mounted on an aluminum surface that gives them rigidity. This type of strip is used to provide indirect lighting to shop windows, shelves, to highlight objects, etc. They are available in all shades of color and RGB working at voltages of 12 or 24 VDC.
  • 24VDC LED Strips for Professional Use
    The LED Strips for Professional Use are intended for customers who want a quality product with high lighting performance. GreenIce counts in its catalog with a wide variety of strips in different working voltages (12/24 VDC), monochrome or RGB. The application of these strip types is destined to installations where the customer wants a great lighting level with along with the greatest product quality.
  • Submersible 12VDC IP68 LED Strips
    The Submersible LED Strips give the customer the possibility to submerge them under water without any problem. This is, because they are wrapped in a PBC coating that guarantees the total water tightness of the product. Available in several shades and RGB, they make it a suitable product to be installed inside pools or areas where they will be in direct contact with water.
  • Pixel LED
  • Aluminium and Polycarbonate Profiles for LED Strips
  • Controllers
    The Controllers are tools that are optional for Monochrome LEDs but mandatory RGB LED Strips allowing the user no only to turn the LED strips on and off but also to adjust their color intensity, decorative effects and color shade changes (only available in RGB strips). They can work at 12 or 24 VDC and allow the user to perform installations of greater or smaller dimension depending on the type of controller used.
  • Connectors and Accessories
    The Connectors and Accessories allow the customer to make modifications, extensions and any type of installation required to design and install. This category offers a wide variety of products ranging from fast connectors (straight, L, X, double, single, etc.) to final plugs for 220 VAC strips. All products in this category are compatible with GreenIce catalog strips.