Installation Materials 

  • Automation
    At the Automation section there can be found products related to the design of smart houses, where the main goal is comfort and energy saving. GreenIce has in its catalog, products such as actuators, switches, timers, programmers, and push buttons among others.
  • Switches and Dimmers
    The Switches and Dimmers provide single, double, push button, touch switches, switches, current regulators, current regulators with remote control, rotary switches, switch frames, as well as other products related to the management and control Of LEDs.
  • Power Outlets
    At the Power Outlets there can be found power outlets for surface installations, recessed installations as well as universal sockets with USB, with protection, grounding receptacles, power battens of different sizes that adapt to every user requirement.
  • Door Bells
    At Door Bells you can find luminous pushbuttons, traditional pushbuttons and different wireless doorbells models, representing an installation alternative for those places where you do not want to elaborate canalizations.