Vintage Lighting 

  • Vintage LED Filament Bulbs
    Emulating the original design of the classic Edison light bulbs, this type of LED bulbs use LED technology to guarantee the customer great energy savings while respecting the classic design. GreenIce counts in its catalog with different shapes and powers creating warm and comfortable environments. In addition, they are ideal for decorative environments where bulbs with an aesthetic touch are required.
  • Vintage Incandescent Bulbs
  • Vintage Hanging Lamps
    Vintage Hanging Lamps create a classic ambiance in places where original ceiling installations are required. Modifying the height of this type of lamps there can be achieved different effects to the taste of interior decorators, adding a classic touch inside the chosen room.
  • Vintage Table and Floor Lamps
    Vintage Table and Floor Lamps are usually associated with the lighting of meetings or night work, generating a classic atmosphere where you can easily add vintage designs that are so common today.
  • Vintage Installation Accesories
    It covers all installation material and accessories needed for vintage lighting such as switches, pushbuttons and lamp holders.