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Vintage lighting is back with LEDs.

We have become nostalgic and more and more, the retro is there. more present in our lives. Not always the latest design is the most beautiful, but, the perfect combination between the past and the current can lead to unique spaces.

In GreenIce we have the largest range of vintage lighting products, perfect for decorating and lighting homes, shops, restaurants.

Vintage Bulbs

The main application of this type of products is merely decorative. They are used to give warmth to spaces, the main objective being to create relaxing and welcoming environments. This is achieved due to the pale white hue at 2700 K. There are two types of Vintage bulbs. We can find the tungsten filament techniques and the equivalence in LED technology. The first, have a higher consumption to give the same illumination as LED bulbs. This type of bulbs have different types of diffusers, the most common being the rounded ones or type G diffusers (For example, a G125, it has a balloon diameter of 125 mm).

They are available in a multitude of sizes and shapes.

Vintage Accessories

When we talk about vintage accessories, we refer to the doorways, cables, switches, pushbuttons, light chains, etc. This type of accessories complete the installation of LED bulbs and finish giving a retro touch to the installation.

In addition, we can find suspended lamps that allow us to move the light point a certain distance (depending on the length of the cable) and focus the lighting whenever desired.