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Filament Vintage LED Bulbs

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LED filament bulbs which imitate your traditional incandescent light.

Emulating the original design of the classic Edison light bulbs, this type of LED bulbs use LED technology to guarantee the customer great energy savings while respecting the classic design. GreenIce counts in its catalog with different shapes and powers creating warm and comfortable environments. In addition, they are ideal for decorative environments where bulbs with an aesthetic touch are required.

Among the main characteristics of Vintage Filament Led Bulbs we can discard:


- High heat dissipation

- Energy saving

- Low consumption

- Respectful of the environment.

In GreenIce we have a multitude of models of Led Filament Bulbs, with a variety of shapes and powers that cover all possible styles. All this, accompanied by the advantages of Led Lighting, that is, reduction of energy consumption, a lifespan of up to 30,000 hours.