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LED Bathroom Mirrors and Closets

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Mirrors with cabinets and lighting for bathrooms.

Mirrors and bathroom cabinets provide the precise and necessary lighting to perform the tasks that are usually performed in front of the mirror in the bathroom.

These cabinets incorporate LED bulbs or LED strips with 12 - 24VDC operation, which provide the necessary light.

With a high IP44 protection index, this is necessary to resist the humidity that occurs in these rooms.

GreenIce LED lighting and cabinets with lighting also incorporate certain advantages in addition to those of any conventional mirror. Some of our mirrors also serve as cupboards, with ample storage space behind the glass. Also, these incorporate proximity detectors, so that the ignition is produced with the movement of the person, bluetooth and ability to eliminate the steam that is produced by condensation.

All this achieving the maximum energy saving, consuming the minimum power, and achieving a long life thanks to the low heating of the components.