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Lighting is part of the decoration.

We call Decoracion Led all the products used to decorate using lighting elements and provide each room with a source of auxiliary lighting.

Led lighting is a decorative element. Through the correct combination of design and lighting, we can achieve unique and fully customizable environments, which will allow us to provide our home with a unique style.

Examples of Decorating applications Led:

Kitchens : It is very common in this type of rooms to install T5 or T8 strips, since they can offer us an auxiliary light point when they want to do specific work.

Dormitories: In this type of rooms, auxiliary light points dedicated to night reading are usually installed. They are low consumption and provide a warm and pleasant light to be able to devote the necessary time to reading.

Baths: Inside these rooms it is very common to install auxiliary lighting points for makeup or shaving tasks. The use of mirrors with LED lighting elements already incorporated that combine the design with the new LED lighting is a very successful option.

Corridors and intermediate rooms: In these types of rooms, it is very common to install fixtures that serve us with a unique point of light and visual reference between rooms. This type of products combine modern design with LED lighting technology.

A very popular lighting Led lighting element is the vintage LED lighting products. This type of lighting is increasingly present in homes to give a special touch to some hanging lamps, etc.

Led Lighting provides significant energy savings, reducing consumption by up to 80%, which translates into significant savings on the electricity bill. If you add the right style to it, the combination will be perfect.