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LED lamps are the decorative lighting element par excellence.

Lamps represent the decorative element that houses LED bulbs. Within what we consider LED lamps we can find different categorizations depending on the room where it will be placed or the method of restraint that will be used.

Roof Lamps

This type of lamps is suspended in the air by means of a cable of a certain length, causing the point of light to move downwards to enhance the illumination. They are constructed of different types of diffusers that provide a static touch adaptable to the taste of each consumer.

Foot lamps

Standing lamps are often used as lighting support in living rooms or living rooms. They are usually used for places where occasional lighting is needed (for reading purposes) or for support lighting to create relaxing atmospheres, such as when it is in use; watching television. They are usually made up of a basic and an addressable focus.

Table lamps

They are used in bedside tables or in places where you want to provide a support lighting as well as standing lamps. They differ from the previous ones in that they tend to be smaller in size and their use is less. very oriented to the reading or study.

Other types of Lamps

Here We find lamps for other types of rooms, such as living rooms, kitchens, desks, where at certain moments an extra luminous support is required to perform various tasks. As an example, the Led flexes are usually used as an extra or single point of light when they want to perform tasks that need precision or simply light support to study.