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Led strips in coils 220VAC

Large quantities of 220vac LED strips.

Led strips in coils 220VAC. You can find coils of 50 or 100 meters depending on the model you choose. With this format, the customer can buy the coil and make the cuts according to his / her taste and depending on the requirements of the installation.

Available in shades of warm white (3000 K), cold white (6000 K), yellow, red, green and blue. For their connection they need a connector plug to connect this coil or the coil cuts to the electrical network. They have IP65 protection that makes it a product suitable for outdoor installation. We can also find an RGB coil that provides the three tonalities in the own strip and coil / Cold / Cold coils that house in the own strip warm and cold chips.

For the use of this type of strips it is mandatory to use a connector plug (and controller in the case of RGB strips and Acid / Cold) for its connection to the electrical network and put into March.