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LED downlight and ceiling lights. Features and benefits

We could say that LED downlights and Ceiling lights are the most demanded and used products in the lighting sector due to their versatility, different designs and sizes. On the other hand, the variety of designs provides a plus to be used for all types of applications, both in a home or for industrial use. These products are usually found in the three types of white light available in the market.

Led downlight

It is the star product when the needs imply a product to be embedded in the ceiling. At the time of installation, the main conditioning factor is the roof cut-off diameter. This factor is of vital importance because, if an error is made in the measurement of the hole, it can cause problems in the installation.

The range of recessed downlight is available in powers ranging from 3W to 24W, finding these models with round and square shape.

The range of ultra-thin Led Downlights bases its design on a very compact and attractive configuration when embedding in shallow ceilings. Also, its design significantly improves the heat dissipation, a very important factor in the life of the LEDs. We can also find models with a more traditional design: with metallic grating dissipator used for heat dissipation.

As a function of the increase of the luminous power, it can be verified how the size of the downlights increases as well. Some models have the option of being able to regulate the luminous intensity through the installation of a dimmable driver (dimable) in replacement of the one that comes by default. The installation by means of metallic claws makes the downlight fixed to the ceiling firmly.

Surface Mounted LED Fittings strong>

This type of products can be used when there is no false ceiling and the assembly must be on the surface. As it is not recessed, we do not have any determining factor that could condition the installation of the product. We have multiple designs, both in colors and shapes, which make it an attractive product when installing anywhere.

Available from 3W to 48W, in both round and square design.

Its installation in ceiling is very simple because they come with a support that simplifies the assembly of the LED ceiling lights. In some models it is possible to change the default driver for an adjustable one in order to regulate the light intensity. As with downlights, as the luminous power increases, the size of the products increases. Its designs make the dissipation of heat is appropriate, thus lengthening the lifespan of the products.