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Give a new life to your garden or patio with LED furniture

Published : 02/6/2019 10:40:03
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Give a new life to your garden or patio with LED furniture

The inherent advantages of LED lighting have long been beyond doubt: they involve less energy loss, help in saving on the electricity bill and are much more versatile in creating the desired environments. In fact, this versatility is perfectly visible in LED furniture, which has become a key element when managin outdoor LED lighting in any space, either a garden or a patio.

The light of the key points of the home

Actually, from the point of view of light all the points of a house are key, because we do some activity in all of them. Nevertheless, places like the kitchen, dining room or garden end up being rooms where the greatest part of the life in a home revolves around. Hence, lighting is used to provide aesthetics, personal identity and greater security to any of them. 

In the case of the outdoors, which are perfect to gather people at the best times of the year,  LED lighting must fulfill the dual function of aesthetics and safety. There are many option to do that: light strings, ceiling lamps or even small LED devices (such as candles) fall within the catalog of possibilities. But in terms of LED outdoor lighting, it is necessary to focus on larger luminaires. 

Consult with an expert decorator

When you intend to illuminate an exterior, prior planning is extremely important. Checking which elements make up the garden or patio, where  they are located, and choosing which ones you want to light (it could be trees, walls, stairs, ponds…) and what kind of LED equipment will be necessary. For this task to acquire the required professionalism, an interior designer can help in the previous management, deciding what are the best points to add lighting.

In any case, the options chosen for LED outdoor lighting must be designed to endure weather conditions, namely, they must have an IP degree of protection high enough to resist humidity, dust or even sun exposure. You must take into account that in gardens and other outdoor areas humidity and dirt are present in every corner.  

In the traditional lighting segment there are many options to create a pleasant and visually appealing environment. For example, LED garden lights or lamps will be a good option when it comes to exteriors inwhich you specially intend to highlight trees or vegetation.And that is because it is a very clear and bright light.

LED furnitureOutoor LED lightingLED furniture

What if you decorate with LED furniture? 

LED furniture, on the other hand, is a solution with which it is possible to provide a garden with bright environments and an avant-garde touch. The appeal of these outdoor furniture is undoubted, but so is the quality of its technical features .

A perfect example can be found in these LED tables which, for starters, can be illuminated in white or different RGB colors. Their technical specifications comply with what should be required of any type of LED furniture intended for outdoor use:

  • It is recommended that they have rechargeable batteries to avoid the use of cables, not recommended in outdoor spaces.
  • High quality polyethylene is a very friendly material for the exterior: respectful with the environment and resistant to impacts, to water, to prolonged exposure to the sun and corrosive products.

The versatility of outdoor LED lighting has made it possible for safety and decoration to be combined in one single concept. Apart from tables, there are -among dozens of options- cubes with a cushion or the so-called magical rocks that can also be illuminated in different colors, and for greater convenience they are used from a remote control.

More recommendations about outdoor LED lighting

Although the imagination and the wishes of those who want to install this type of outdoor lighting are the only limits, there are some recommendations that should not be forgotten:

  • Although the IP65 luminaires are prepared so that water can come in contact with them, they are not exempt from other inclemencies such as weather. As wind is another variable to consider, it is advisable that certain lighting options have their anchorage well fixed.
  • Although they have already been mentioned, RGB systems are especially useful outdoors, because they allow creating zoned lighting.
  • Do not forget the simplicity, but effectiveness of LED strips. Their installation is not complex, allows to make certain highlights, many of them have IP65 rating and despite their apparent simplicity offer the user the durability that is required to the LED.

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