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How to illuminate the stairs with LED strips?

Published : 12/11/2018 09:49:25
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How to illuminate the stairs with LED strips?

We always have many doubts when lighting a staircase, starting with which elements to use up to how to do the installation. Nowadays, a very simple way that is becoming very popular is the use of LED strips.

Types of LED strips

We have different types of LED strips that can be used for these configurations, as a rule, we have analog and digital LED strips. The analog ones can be monochromatic (single color), with variable color temperature (warm white, natural and cool, multicolor (RGB) and multicolor with white (RGBW), and the digital ones are RGB in its entirety.

Regardless of the type of strip that has been selected, the following presentations must be taken into account: LED strips can be 12 or 24 volts DC, and can also be for direct connection to the 230V electrical current. In the latter case, we only have the alternative of analog LED strips. In addition, these strips have an important limitation for this type of facilities, which is that they can only be cut every meter, that is, you could not have, for example, a 1.5 meters long strip.

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Use LED strips for the steps

A very efficient way to illuminate the staircase is to use LED strips on the steps. However, although it is easy to imagine this idea and how to install it, it is actually not so obvious.

First it is necessary to select the strip that we are going to use. We must take into account where we have the power supply, how much space we have and what is the width of the step. Once the LED strip has been selected, we must place a profile for stairs that adapts to the dimensions of the LED strip.

The most common and practical option is to use 12 volts strips or 24 volts  strips, of 8 or 10 millimeters wide, which can be cut every 5 or 10 centimeters, this will make the selection of the profile much easier, since most of these profiles are designed for LED strips with these dimensions.

There are several types of profile depending on what you want to light, if you want to light up front or if you want to bathe the vertical part of the step (an option widely used by designers).

How should the LED strips be connected?

Once the LED strip and the profile have been selected, the most important technical aspect comes into play, the connection. Many wonder if we should connect all the strips in series or in parallel. The best option is, without any doubt, connect them in parallel

The explanation is very simple, the ideal is to ensure the same level of light on all steps of the staircase. If we decide to connect the strips in series, the step closest to the power source will emit more light than the one that is farther away, because the tension in the first strip will be greater than the tension that the last one receives.

Therefore, we should try, when possible, to connect all the strips in parallel so that all the sections receive the same electrical potential (voltage) thus achieving a uniform level of illumination in all sections of the staircase.

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