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Incredible ideas to illuminate terraces, pools and gardens

Published : 06/13/2019 11:30:51
Categories : First steps

LED wall lights, the perfect complement to illuminate the terraces

 Unless they are very large terraces, most of them are usually small spaces that we use to rest and be as relaxed as possible. Therefore, for these spaces we recommend using LED outdoor wall lights with very low luminous power and warm tones. By following these two tips we will ensure that our terrace becomes a space where we can achieve a distended and relaxing environment.

On the other hand, we can also find another version of wall lamps that use solar energy for their operation, called solar LED garden lights. This type of wall lights combine the advantages of LED lighting with an alternative energy source, such as solar energy. Thus, all you have to do is install the wall lamp and forget about it, since the energy is obtained from the solar radiation and due to its twilight detector it will light only at night. This allows us to guarantee a source of lighting in remote areas, while using energy more efficiently. 

LED pool lights!A little color for our pools

With the introduction of LED technology in lighting, colors have gained great prominence. As a general rule, almost all pools have 300 W halogen lights that were responsible for providing lighting to our pool

 By incorporating the advantages of LEDs in pool lights, the same lighting levels have been achieved with a lower consumption. In addition, the RGB version has been introduced, with which we can provide a much more dynamic lighting with different colors to our pool. This allows us to create different settings and incredible atmospheres, simply by pressing a button. 

Enough of boring gardens! Look for different alternatives

We have seen the possibility of installing LED wall lights on our terrace to create a cozy atmosphere. At this point we will present different alternatives that can help us match, or even improve, a design made with LED fittings. 

The first alternative that we are going to propose is the installation of 220VAC LED strip lights. This type of strips, easy to connect and manipulate, allow us to cover large distances and spaces, and at the same time they help us as a source of main lighting. 

Lighting for Terraces Lighting for Terraces Lighting for Terraces

If our garden has shrubs and/or trees, we can adapt these strips bordering the silhouettes. If in this case, the LED strips seem very artificial, we can opt for the installation of garlands that have a more aesthetic look than LED strips. 

The second alternative we propose is the installation LED spotlights with stake for gardens. This alternative can be complemented with the first one without any type of problem. We can use this type of spotlights to highlight objects that we think deserve special attention. Due to its easy installation, and variety of shades and colors, they can help us to give a different look to our trees or hedges. 

Finally, we propose the installation of outdoor beacons. With this product we give our garden enough signaling lighting and an aesthetic touch. These can be installed recessed in the ground or surface mounted with no more than one meter of height. 

 Why do stairs have to be boring?Give them a touch of lighting

Normally we see stairs as a structural element whose function is to help us move from one floor to another. Why does this have to be like this? There are alternatives to give a different touch to our stairs or paths. 

A first alternative is to place lighting points, with low wattage and a warm tone, on the steps or along the path of the road. Thus, a path that is usually bland, takes on a different look while helping us to know where we are going. 

Another alternative is to change those points of light with LED strips, along the way or under the steps, so that we gain an extra point of lighting that helps us to give more joy to the road we walk.

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