Installation of LED strips for your Setup Gamer

Published : 10/30/2018 12:11:27
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Installation of LED strips for your Setup Gamer

With the amount of uses that we give to the LED strips, there is a new configuration with which we can impress everyone with the color sequences and light effects that we can obtain with the different LED strips when installing them in our Setup Gamer.

We have different types of LED strips that can we used for these configurations. As a general rule, we can find analogical and digital LED strips. The analogical ones can be monochromatic (one single color), with variable color temperature (warm white, daylight and cool white), multicolor (RGB) and multicolor with white (RGBW); whereas the digital LED strips are all RGB.

In order to choose between these two types of LED strips, we must know their main difference, which is that the LEDs of the analogical strips, in each moment of time, will all show the same color, intensity and tonality. For example, if we have a multicolor (RGB) analogical strip and we choose the color blue, this color will be shown throughout the strip; if we choose a sequence of colors, the strip will change colors in its entirety at the same time. On the other hand, with the digital LED strips, apart from doing the aforementioned, we can also select different colors throughout the strip at the same time; for example, we could do a tracking effect, from one side of the strip to the other.

What must we take into account?

Regardless of the type of strip we have selected, we must take into account the following presentations: LED strips can be 12 or 24 volts DC, and can also be prepared to connect directly to the 230V electrical current. In this last case, you would only have the alternative of analogical LED strips. In addition, 230V strips present an important limitation for this type of installations, which is that they can only be cut every mete, that is, you could not have, for example, a strip of 1.5 meters long.

The recommended option for a Setup Gamer with LED strips is using 12 or 24 V LED strips, which are sold in 5 meter long reels and can be cut every 5 or 10 centimetres (much more customizable for this type of installations).

For your Setup Gamer, it would be ideal that you have the possibility to get different colors that adapt and provide an environment that allows you to have your mind set in the game, therefore RGB LED strips would be the best choice.

Setup Gamer with LED StripSetup Gamer with LED StripSetup Gamer with LED Strip

 Necessary elements for the installation of an LED strip

In the case of analogical multicolor LED strips (RGB), we would need a 12 or 24 VDC power source (depending on the strip selected), a controller for RGB LED strips (to manage the colors) and the LED strip. Both the power source and the controller must have enough wattage to power the number of meters of LED strip that you are going to install. For example, if you want to install 10 meters of LED strip with a wattage of 14,4W/meter, you would need a power source of at least 144W, keeping in mind that we always recommend adding a safety margin (10-20%).

On the other hand, there are many types of controllers for RGB LED strips: to embed in the wall, with buttons, with remote control and musical controllers (the color sequence changes to the rythm of the sound, an option that is very attractive for video games)

In the case of digital LED strips, as in the previous case, we would need a power source. As for the controller, we can choose between two main options: using controllers for digital LED strips with remote control, that provide many different effects and alternatives that will impress even the most demanding, or using DMX controllers, that can be connected to a computer to control de lighting from there, or to a DMX mixer; in both cases you will get a lot of light effects and colors.

Domotics and LED strips

With the extensive development produced in domotics and IOT, there are also controllers for LED strips that connect to WI-FI, and also many that are compatible with Google Home and Alexa, so that from your mobile phone or using your smart speaker you can control all the LED strips of your Setup Gamer.

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