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LED lighting for kitchen furniture, a great idea

Published : 02/1/2019 09:57:30
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LED lighting for kitchen furniture, a great idea 

Lighting is key in any space of a house and the kitchen is no exception to this rule. In fact, many decoration experts make sure to give it a major importance when making decisions about this matter. In this room, in addition to spending many hours, you should look for the balance between functionality and design, a function that can be solved with the LED lighting for kitchen furniture. They provide an attractive aesthetic and greater comfort to work.

Before deciding which LED luminaires are installed at each specific point, it is necessary to determine a central point of light in the ceiling and take into account some specific considerations for a kitchen:

  • The placement of the light points should ensure that no shadows are created, especially in the work areas. This is precisely what is intended to be avoided when placing LED lights on the countertop or kitchen furniture.
  • The cold light adapts especially well to this room of the house, especially to illuminate areas in which the preparation and handling of food is carried out.
  • Downlights, tubes or panels are the main options for lighting from the ceiling, while battens and LED strips are responsible for generating second layers of light.

Install LED lights under kitchen furniture?

Placing lights under the top modules of a piece of furniture (and always with good chromatic reproduction) is an interesting decision to illuminate the specific work areas, especially in kitchens where there are differentiated atmospheres. It can even be a source of savings: when you have several options,it may not be necessary to have all the lights turned on.

In essence, having LED lighting under a kitchen cabinet represents a double success: it provides visual comfort (something that the human eye appreciates) and also does not generate the heat of incandescent bulbs, which allows working without the risk of burns or higher temperatures than desired.

LED kitchen countertop lightingLED under kitchen furnitureLED strip under kitchen furniture

Obviously, the countertop and furniture are the most susceptible points to place extra light. To the advantages already mentioned it must be added that they help to counteract the absence of natural light in certain corners. But there are more options at your disposal: 2019 may be the time to heed the most daring lighting trends and choose to illuminate the interior of the drawers. A decision that is more aesthetic than functional, but that also contributes to working with ease.

LED options for kitchen furniture

  • T5 and T8 LED battens: It is precisely the appearance of this type of luminaire that has made it possible to illuminate the kitchen furniture now. Something that was relatively unthinkable when all the lighting in this room was subject to the traditional fluorescent tubes.

They are a great solution for shelves, cabinets and countertops and they are available in different lengths to suit any need (600, 900, 1200 and 1500 mm in T5 and 600 and 1200 mm in length in T8 battens). Of all its technical capabilities, it stands out the convenience of being able to install them jointly thanks to the connectors they equip. In the case of the T8 models, it has an on/off switch.

  • LED Strips: Due to their versatility, LED strips are an attractive and easy way to light the kitchen. You have the option of placing 12/24 VDC strips, which can have their space inside the drawers since they can be cut every 5 or 10 cm and are fed by a transformer. On the other hand, where there is access to the kitchen sockets, 220 VAC LED strips can be placed more easily, allowing cuts to be made every meter.

The amount of LED's per meter directly affects the luminosity they provide. In order to comply with its "standard lighting" function, it would be advisable to place 60 LEDs per meter strips in the kitchen.

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