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LED lighting in restaurants. Helpful tips

Published : 07/27/2018 10:02:35
Categories : Professional level

Currently, lighting has become one of the main assets in the decoration of restaurants and entertainment venues, especially LED lighting. The different decorative proposals can influence to a large extent whether the venue is successful or not since lighting plays an important role in maintaining and/or attracting customers. With a wide variety of designs and wattages, different areas can be created depending on the requirements of the premises.

There are many factors that you must take into account when setting a restaurant, bar or any place dedicated to leisure. However, lighting and especially LED lighting is a factor that you should not overlook under any circumstances.

LED lighting hostelry

For the lighting of the different workstations in the restaurant industry, LED products, whether it’s downlightspanels or tubes, are the best option due to its multiple advantages such as their lifespan, the absence of flicker and the projection of the light in a homogeneous way. It is very important at the time of choosing the product the homogeneity of tonalities, that is, if we choose warm white for the dining room, all the products that are installed in that area should have the same tonality so as not to damage the aesthetics of the place.

Another point in favour of LED technology is the CRI (Color Rendering Index). The vast majority of products have a CRI value of 80. This indicates the fidelity of the reproduction of the colours of objects, a very important aspect in the field of restaurant services.

Choice of tonality and style

When choosing the elements that will be part of the lighting decoration is very important to previously define the tonality of light. The latest decorative trends opt for LED filament bulbs. This type of light bulbs provide lighting in a warm tone very similar to the old incandescent bulbs, but with very low consumption (another advantage of LED technology).In addition, due to the different formats that can be found in the market, light bulbs also become a decorative element and not just light.

LED lighting in Restaurant LED lighting in Restaurant LED lighting in Restaurant

LED lighting to create an atmosphere

 With the entry into the market of LED strips, a world of possibilities opens up in terms of decoration. Being self-adhesive they are very easy to install and startup. With the RGB LED strips, you can create different designs that can provide a dynamic and attractive look to the bar or even bottle racks. Being self-adhesive, they are very easy to handle and install. Through remote control, we can choose different colours and intensities, as well as light effects.

At present, it is very common to see the application of LED strips in different areas of lighting such as the menus or windows. n the case of signage, the tendency is to impose the replacement of old neon tubes with LED strips or LED modules that allow for more daring and innovative designs with all the advantages provided by LED technology.

Decoration of tables

The presence of candles is very used in restaurants to create an intimate and cosy atmosphere. This trend is being replaced by candelabras, wall lamps orLEDvintagebulbs, that give an aesthetic touch to the tables as well as illuminate them. In addition, to gain in safety you also gain in aesthetics, especially when you use illumination with a warm colour at low intensity.

If the interior is important, the exterior is too

Once we have decorated the interior, we have to go outside. In this area, we have many options to choose depending on the final result we want to achieve. We can use RGB LED spotlights for the fountains, LED spotlights for the passage areas, light chains for parties and events, coloured garlands, etc.

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