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LED lighting in stores. Aspects to consider

Published : 08/23/2018 12:05:01
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The LED lighting in stores: basic concepts

To create a system of LED lighting in stores interesting and attractive for our customers, we must take into account a series of basic concepts, which, although they seem very basic and intuitive, have to be handled perfectly to allow us to create the lighting that best suits our business. The concepts are the following:

Lumens or light intensity

With traditional technologies (halogen, incandescent, fluorescent, etc.) we spoke in terms of wattage. With the introduction of LED technology in the market, new concepts have been introduced, one of them being lumens. This new concept will help us to know the level of lighting provided by a light bulb. For example, a 60W incandescent bulb provides 600 Lm. This can serve as a reference since everyone is familiar with this light bulb. 

Performance Lm/W

This factor is very important to know because it tells us how much light a bulb provides depending on the consumption it has. Thus, it is also indirectly indicating the amount of lighting provided by the luminaire.

Chromatic Reproduction Index (CRI)

It is very important to show the products as they are, so it is very important to choose products that have a high CRI (> 80). Thus, the colours are reflected as faithfully as possible and there aren’t any alterations that could cause confusion when presenting a product. Therefore, it can be concluded that the closer we are to a value of 100, the greater the fidelity with which the colours are reproduced.

Colour temperature

This factor tells us the shade of white colour that the light will emit. It is measured in Kelvin (K). The most used classification within the world of lighting is divided into three categories.

  • Warm White (3000 - 3500 K)
  • Daylight / Natural White (4000 - 4500K)
  • Cold white (6000 - 6500K)

Once the most basic concepts that must be taken into account have been presented, we will proceed to give some advice on how to illuminate an establishment.

LED lighting in StoreLED lighting in StoreLED lighting in Store

LED lighting and mood

The choice of one colour temperature or another will make the purchase a total success or a resounding failure. As we have said before, the choice of light tonality will be focused on the product we sell and the experience we want to create. There are clothing brands that create a tenuous and relaxing environment so that we can escape from the routine and relax while we buy clothes. It must be said that the longer a person spends in the establishment, the greater the likelihood of purchase.

On the other hand, other brands opt for electronic music combined with coloured light so that the purchase is a fun moment to escape from the routine and spend a nice time. All this we have discussed will depend on our audience and the product we sell.

Use lighting to attract people

It is well known that people react quickly to visual stimuli that can go beyond the standard. This has to be used in favour when selling a product. You can use techniques such as the mixture of shades or the introduction of colours that are attractive to the customer.

Each product has its function

On multiple occasions, the product we choose is more important than the tonality in which we do it. Each product has its mission and its function, so in order to choose a product, you have to be very clear about what you want to sell. As an example, you can use LED strips for lighting bottle racks, LED panels for lighting large surfaces, or LED track lights to focus on a specific product. Therefore, when lighting an establishment, it is advisable to consult with lighting experts to help you choose the product that best suits your business.

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