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Lighting to create intimate corners

Published : 02/14/2019 13:09:21
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Lighting to create intimate corners

Valentine’s Day is coming and it is time to take out all the romanticism that each one has inside. Therefore, we will give you a series of advice to create an adequate lighting for this day so you can surprise your partner.

What kind of tonality is most appropriate? 

When you want an intimate, warm and cozy environment, we recommend the use of LED bulbs or lamps with a warm color temperature, between 2700 - 3000 K, and with a low wattage (between 2 - 4W), so that we have the right and necessary amount of light to share an evening with our partner. You can also choose dimmable bulbs (adjustable in intensity) so that we can choose the optimal level of lighting to our liking.

Romantic lighting at home 

If we want to surprise our partner, a great day is to give our home a romantic atmosphere, accompanied by intimate lighting and full of warmth. Candles, for example, are a great complement that we can use to give a more romantic touch to the lighting of our house. However, there are more equally successful and original options:

  • Lighting for the table, if you are thinking about preparing a romantic dinner LED strings can be a great idea. Strings give an aesthetic touch with a soft and warm lighting very advisable to create a romantic atmosphere.
  • Path of lights, definitely, a rather amazing effect if you want to surprise your partner from the beginning. Usually candles are used to make the path of lights, but we always have the disadvantage that many go out, the wax is spilled or we can set something on fire. We advise you to use LED lanterns or candles, they are much safer and more beautiful.
  • Romantic lighting in the bathtub. If we have a bathtub, we should use it. Here we can again opt for LED candles, or we can use spherical lamps  with an LED bulb in a warm color temperature and preferably dimmable so we can adjust the intensity of the light. We can also add rose petals or bath salts to the water, why not?

romantic Lightingromantic Lightingromantic Lighting

Other options for romantic lighting

You can also use LED strings to decorate the frames of those pictures that show special moments in your lives. Being made out of very small bulbs, they are a very manageable product. In addition, you can introduce these strings in some transparent vases, so we can add an original touch to the decoration chosen for that day.

Another possible option would be using incandescent vintage bulbs, vintage bulbs are a type of bulbs quite stylish and always attract attention. In addition, they have a very nice effect and they are more than compatible with the type of lighting we want to achieve

If we follow the tips mentioned above, the lighting factor is 100% guaranteed and will be a success. If we add this to a good homemade dinner you will have an evening that will surprise you.

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