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The light of a dressing room, key to appreciate the details

Published : 12/11/2018 13:48:40
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The light of a dressing room, key to appreciate the details

Interior design professionals regularly face issues related to the most suitable lighting for small dressing rooms or rooms that have ended up adapted to this use. They are points of a house that should not be extraneous to the correct lighting needs. In fact, they require taking into account certain specific aspects so that the human eye perceives the same with the light of the dressing room as with the natural light when you are outdoors.

Natural light is the best resource for lighting a dressing room, but it is not always possible. Either because of the absence of windows or because it is also used at night. Therefore, the type of light installed in the interior should be white, neutral and warm, because it is so important not to distort the colors of the clothes as to feel comfortable when you are inside. The selected lighting, in addition, also has the mission of transmitting the image of an accessible and orderly dressing room.

Surface LED fitting or several downlights?

Although there will be exceptions, small dressing rooms are the most common. The design of this space is varied and can range from cabinets with larger sizes than usual, to the creation of a central space surrounded by independent cabinets. There are many options. Depending on the space selected and the arrangement of furniture, you can opt for the placement of a single point of light with surface LED fittings. The great advantage is that it does not require modifications to the ceilings or touching the electrical installation.

When choosing a single central light point, you have to choose LED bulbs with sufficient power to illuminate the entire dressing room. Although there is the possibility of choosing addressable or fixed lights, in case of installing only a central point, it is ideal to be able to direct the light to differentiated spaces for greater comfort.

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Several light points for a dressing room

Depending on the dimensions of the dressing room, a single central light may be scarce. That is why another range of options is opened thanks to the recessed LED lamps or LED downlights. These lighting options are optimal for installing together, since each one illuminates a specific point.

You can install, for example, a recessed spotlight on each closet or compartment, keeping in mind that there should not be more than a meter of separation between the light point and the closet itself. As for specific measures, you can never forget the minimum separation distances between the different sources. Another good recommendation is that they are adjustable to have greater freedom of movement inside the dressing room.

Can LED strips be installed?

They are a fantastic option for small dressing rooms and you can resort to them whatever the previous option chosen (one or several points of light). The great advantage of LED strips (those that are installed without the need for a profile) is that they enhance and combine very well with the elements of a dressing room: the shelves, the bars or the drawers. Due to theur easy installation, you can experiment installing over or under any of these places to find the most beautiful decorative option.

Are there any other recommendations for lighting a dressing room? 

  • It is advisable to avoid at all costs the games of lights and shadows so as not to distort the colors of the clothes, for example. In order not to generate shadows, the distribution of furniture and lights is essential. It must be clear in advance to get it right.
  • Very bright lights or those that are closer to yellow are not the most adequate to illuminate it.
  • When you choose to install several points of light inside the dressing room, they should all be of the same tonality
  • If there is no space for embedded options due to the absence of ceilings or false ceilings, LED track lights are an option to be assessed.

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