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Tips for lighting your home with LED this Christmas

Published : 11/27/2018 14:00:46
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Tips for lighting your home with LED this Christmas

With the arrival of the last months of the year, comes nougat, marzipan and the Christmas decoration that invades both the shops and streets, as well as our homes. In addition, within the products for which we can choose, not only can you find the typical light bulbs, but we can find products with different designs that will help us with a more decorative touch.

LED lights for trees

The lights are a fundamental element in the decoration of Christmas trees. This element is the one that is first assembled and it will determine the aesthetic that the tree will finally have. Normally the trees are green (we can find new designs in white, grayish colors, etc.) so products with warm tones, red, orange, etc., are a fabulous aesthetic complement.

However, if you have a more modern tree with white and gray tones, you will have to put up products that project a light of bluish tones that combine perfectly  with this type of trees. This style of decoration is usually categorized as "Nordic or Scandinavian" within the world of decoration.

If we like something more colorful and with effects, we can always opt for RGB products that provides a more diverse range of colors which will allow us to choose at any time the tonality that we want.

Christmas lightsChristmas decorationChristmas lighting

Lights for the exterior of the house

Apart from the tree, the other rooms of the house are usually decorated as well at Christmas. Depending on the space to decorate, we will have to use one product or another.

For the exterior, the star product is strings. By having IP65 protection rating they are guaranteed to withstand adverse weather conditions and ensure that they will not suffer any problems. Before proceeding with any installation, it is essential to measure the length of the space we want to illuminate. Normally this type of strings have lengths of between 3 and 10 meters, so they adapt perfectly terraces and exterior parts of our homes. This type of product is available in tones of warm white (the most recommendable), cold white or RGB if we want to be able to play with different lights and effects.

For outdoor installations, we can also use LED strips with direct connection to the grid (220 VAC). This type of product also has IP65 protection rating so it will withstand the inclement weather without any problem. Due to their construction, they allow us to complete large installations without loss of lighting.

Lights for the interior of the house

As we decorate the exterior of our homes, we also decorate the interior. The variety of products available for indoor decoration is probably greater than for the outdoor. Although the strings have outdoor protection, they can be used indoors as well and we can use them for the adornment of trees, handrails, etc. We can also use light bulbs or vases backlit with small strings that provide a very aesthetic touch and project a very decorative effect.

In conclusion, we can see that the LED lights allow us to decorate all the rooms of our home either during the Christmas season or the rest of the year. Due to its wide variety (both in design and in tonalities) we are guaranteed to be able to create all the effects and designs we can imagine. As for the advantages of LED products, its high durability and resistance is known. This, together with energy consumption, makes it the most suitable product to light our home on these dates.

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