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What alternatives exist in LED lighting for bathrooms?

Published : 10/25/2018 12:36:48
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What alternatives exist in LED lighting for bathrooms?

The kitchen and the bathroom are two perfect examples of rooms that have already gained the relevance they deserve in the organization and decoration of a home. There are many factors that explain the change in trend, but LED lighting for bathrooms can be one of them: thanks to it, and determining exactly  what needs are required for this specific space, you can reformulate their image completely using elements and design techniques that up until recently did not exist, or were not taken into account.

What can LED lighting for bathrooms achieve? 

  • Reduce brightness so you can always have a  natural view of whoever is in front of the mirror.
  • Change the look of your bathroom without any reform, just changing the traditional lighting with its corresponding LED alternatives.
  • Far from aesthetics, this change also means betting on energy efficiency, helping in the unrenounceable goal of saving on the electricity bill

A new sight with an LED bathroom mirror

The scheme of the most traditional bathrooms has been cut by the same pattern for a very long time: a central light in the ceiling and, often, a variety of lights over the main mirror. A usual choice when there was not a variety of bulbs available, this has now been turned around. With accesory light points, many more areas can be illuminated focusing your efforts, for example, in the sink or shower.

But, returning to the mirror, there are many alternatives for this accesory. Beside the well-known overhead lighting (which has always been intended to eliminate the shadows when looking in the mirror), you can imitate what some clothing stores do and place lighting right behind. There is a variety of options, since you can opt for battens or wall lights specially design to illuminate the mirror.

What if the light was integrated directly into the mirror? It is an existing solution and ready to install in any bathroom. In addition to the lights, an LED bathroom mirror has among its features with elements that prevent the formation of water vapour in the glass.

This type of mirrors and closets are specifically designed for a bathroom, both for their IP ratings as for their finishes and materials (aluminum, steel or wood). There are even some models that have movement detectors among their features, offering even more comfort and savings to the user, beacuse they only light up when they approach to use it.

LED lighting for bathroomsLED downlightsLED bathroom mirror

 LED downlights: the most versatile option 

Downlights and LED tubes are the most recommended options for the general lighting of the bathroom, using – for instance- LED strips as an accessory intended to accentuate specific points of the decoration. The first ones are particularly suitable for decorative, as well as technical, reasons: they offer an instantaneous start and are prepared to withstand continuous on and off. The resistance to the ignition cycles is, therefore, an aspect that should not be lost sight of when you want to illuminate the bathroom correctly.

Both the LED downlights and the tubes are more oriented to lighting from the ceiling. They should provide a soft light and be of sufficient wattage to serve as a central point. About 100 lux should be enough. In addition, thanks to their design, LED downlights imitate the aesthetic of the old fittings, so the change will be clearly for the better.

Caution with moisture and water 

The areas of the sink or the shower are specially suited to experiment with different lights. A uniform appearance is usually sought, without shadows or reflections. But in these specific areas you have to take special precautions because of their proximity to the faucets. For example, if they don’t have to adequate IP rating, lights should not be installed at a height lower than 2.25 m. Below this level, you would have to choose lights with an IP44 rating or even IP65 LED downlights Only with them you could face, without any kind of problem and with the guarantee of resistance, the water vapour and the condensation caused by the use of the bath.

In addition to meeting the demands to be near the water, these are LED light models specially adapted for the replacement of hold halogen lamps or G24 bulbs. To that end, however, it’s important that the buyer makes sure that the diameter of the cut-out is the same and that they work at equivalent currents.

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