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Which trends will mark LED lighting in 2019?

Published : 01/30/2019 10:02:28
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Which trends will mark LED lighting in 2019? 

Since light helps to give personality to environments, any forecast about lighting trends will directly point to the personalization of spaces. Designers and specialists already presented months before finishing 2018 some lines of what we can expect for the next 12 months, confirming that in terms of led lighting for the home there will be continuity in many aspects already known. 

What can we expect from the decoration of 2019? 

From what we know so far, several conclusions can be drawn for the indoor spaces of the home:

  • Open spaces, with a strong minimalist character, will continue to gain strength. The trend will continue to point to the union of living room, dining room and kitchen, although the forecasts point to more daring decisions such as joining bedroom and toilet.
  • The intention to create open spaces is logical: to gain more meters. The result is more flexible spaces, in which scenes can quickly mutate. This will involve decisions in the field of indoor LED lighting, since the logical thing is to change the central points of light and make changes in the accessory lights.
  • The details and textures will prevail. With the light we will look for the creation of home environments, which provide warmth, brightness and respect the original colors of any element.
  • To help minimalist environments, we will focus on luminaires with geometric shapes. The search for lamps with organic shapeswill also increase, due to the concern for the environment and energy efficiency.

LED decoration will continue to be fashionable 

From 2018 a relevant data was also extracted for the decoration of the home: according to the Cetelem Observatory, the expense most related to the home (decoration, reforms, etc.) was the one that suffered the least decrease. In principle, this should imply that 2019 would continue to be a good year to undertake reforms and changes in households.

In the field of lighting, in addition to what has already been pointed out, more daring options will be sought, capable of maintaining their leading role when it comes to highlighting specific areas. With the use of the right luminaires in each scenario, the intention is to gain capability in the creation of different scenes depending on the moment. Therefore, a good idea for lighting could be the use of adjustable lamps.

LED DecorationIndoor LED LightingLED Lighting for homes

Lighting a specific focal point will remain, for logical reasons, a fundamental pillar. For this purpose, hanging lamps will continue to be the most used. As for zoning, a good example could be seen in the kitchen and in the bathroom. The bet seems simple: have a general lighting for the moments of "work"and a dimmer and warmer light when you simply spend time in both rooms. Once again, this second layer of lightwill have the mission of emphasizing scenes.

Three specific data for which decoration experts bet:

  • For the bathroom mirror, the backlight will be sought using cold light so that the colors of the skin are as realistic as possible.
  • The dichroic lights will acquire a name of their own. They were already used widely in its halogen version for the decoration of spaces and now, with the proliferation of LED lights they have gained even more prominence. Its peculiarity? They make the colors of the areas they want to enhance look very well, generate less heat and consume less electricity, values ​​that are now even more intensified if the choice is a dichroic LED light.
  • LED floor lamps also aim to have prominence in this field, since they fulfills several functions: they serve as additional lighting to the central point, they can change positions according to your needs and, obviously, they enhance any desired area.

Materials to illuminate 2019

Trends in the living room lighting tend to have a fairly relevant range in this field. Generally speaking, they will bet on an explosion of colors. The door will not be closed to any of them. In contrast, maximalism will prevail in the living room, with dark tones that do not renounce warmth.

This trend will complement very well with the choice of materials for the lamps. In addition to using warm lights for rooms where comfort is sought, magistral combinations of slightly more natural materials (what in design is known as "organic aspect") will be sought with others that transmit more modernity such as metal. In this last current, the expected thing is that copper or bronze continue monopolizing looks.

Once again, the wood will continue to shine this year. It is one of those materials capable of covering the needs that are mentioned: it evokes warmth wherever they are placed and, depending on the version of the lamp chosen, it can serve as a main light or accessory with smaller luminaires.

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