Shipping Options and Charges

Shipping Options and Costs

Shipping cost

We offer Free shipping on orders over £26.09

Shipping costs are £ 4.13

Shipping times

  • If the product is in stock, your order will leave our warehouse within the same working day.
  • Products are shipped from Monday to Saturday.
  • Shipping times for each product, as well as stock available, are shown on each product page with delivery times in the "Stocks and Delivery" section.

        Products will show one of three statuses:

  • Delivery in 48 - 72 Hours: The product is available in our warehouse and will be shipped the same working day.
  • Next Arrivals:  An order has been placed with our supplier and it is en route to our warehouse, with expected arrival on the date shown.
  • Other Amounts. Indicates the number of days for delivery of quantities unavailable in the previous two sections.
  • This information is available to customers at all times to ensure they are fully aware of the delivery times and stock available for each product. Times are estimations and may vary.
  • If the delivery time needs to be modified, the GreenIce Customer Service Department will contact the customer by e-mail or phone with the approximate delivery date for their order.  Likewise, customers will be notified of any variation that may affect the delivery date.
  • If an order has several different products and not all of them are available when the order is placed, the customer may request the part of the order that is available to be sent first and have the rest shipped when it is available. Partial shipment is only an option when the delivery of the whole shipment would be after the delivery time indicated on the website and it is approved by GreenIce. GreenIce always has the final say regarding partial shipments.