Information about my order

How can I check the status of my order?

You can check the status of your orders in your private customer area, in the "Order History" section.
In this section, you will find the list of orders made in GreenIce, the details of the same, as well as the state in which they are located.

Order states

  • Paid: Once the order payment has been made.
  • Preparation in progress: Once the order is in our warehouse, being prepared or waiting for material.
  • Sent/Delivered: When the order has been delivered to the carrier or is available in our warehouse to be shipped.
  • Cancelled: When the order, at the request of the customer, has been cancelled.
  • Waiting for bank transfer: It is the state in which an order in the form of payment by bank transfer remains until the payment is received.
  • Payment Error: When, for any reason, the payment of the order does not come to be produced.
Whenever there is stock of the products purchased, orders made to the 19, They will be on the same day and delivered the next day (24 h).
Once you leave the order of our warehouse and be managed by SEUR/CORREOSEXPRES, you will receive an email with the tracking code that you will be able to use to follow the shipment in real time on the website of the indicated transport agencies.
In case of doubt you can contact us through Live Chat or by sending an email to (The answer will be immediate!

How can I track a sent order?

Once the order is sent, you will receive the same evening an email with the tracking information and tracking number of your order.
Also, an hour before your delivery, you will receive another email confirming the delivery.

How can I modify an order already made?

Once your order has been confirmed and you are ready to process, if you need to make changes to it, you should contact GreenIce as soon as possible, indicating the number of the order and the changes you want to make.
The contact can be made by chat, email ( or phone, but we advise that by immediacy use the first two options. It may be that the total amount of the order has increased or decreased, so that the two indicated situations can be given, the following steps should be followed:
  • If with the change/s effected, the total amount of the order increases: In this case, the price difference can only be paid by transfer or by PayPal. It is not possible to pay the difference by card because the POS of the bank does not accept partial payments.
  • If with the change/s effected, the total amount of the order decreases: in this case, we will pay the difference of the resulting price in your favor, by means of the same form of payment to as paid the order, either by card or PayPal, or by transfer or Cash on Delivery, in which case, you must indicate a bank account number.

How to cancel an order?

During the entire purchasing process, you can cancel your order, but depending on the state of the purchase, the following situations can occur:
  • If the order is not paid and has not left our store (either because it is) Cash on Delivery (or by transfer), you can contact us by any of the media-chat, email ( or phone-, and notify the override.
  • If the order is paid and has not yet left our warehouse, you should also notify by any of the media-chat, email ( or phone-, and proceed to your cancellation and refund of the amount paid by the same means of Payment Used (PayPal, card or transfer-must indicate a bank account number in case you have chosen this form of payment).
  • If the order if paid and has left our warehouse, you should contact GreenIce by any of the media-chat, email ( or phone-, and notify the cancellation.
Therefore, we will contact the transport company to proceed to return to our warehouse of your order, whenever possible. If not, you must accept it and put you back in touch with us to request a collection of the same. In any case, as soon as it is received in our warehouse, we will proceed to reimbursement of the amount paid.

Is it possible to collect multiple orders in a single shipment?

If you have made several orders, you may want to join them all in one shipment to save shipping costs, so What In that case, you should contact us and indicate the orders you want to unify. If none of them is still in the process of shipping, we will be able to unite them and recalculate the shipping costs again. If they have already been processed and are in process, it will not be possible to unite them