My bills

How can I check my bills?

When the order has been confirmed, and has left our warehouse, you will receive an email copy of the invoice.
In the event that you do not receive the email, or you have lost/deleted it, you can ask for a copy of it, sending an invoice request email to

How can I change my account billing data?

When you place an order, on the shopping cart page, you can indicate the billing data. In the addresses section you can indicate the billing data for the purchase you are going to make.
It is also possible to create a billing address and leave it saved for all your purchases. Within your private area of my account you will have to press the button of my addresses, and you must give the button of Add new address. Once you have By pressing, you will be able to indicate in the selected squares your full address, city, province and country, as well as your telephone number.
Once the invoice has been issued, from the accounting and fiscal aspect, you may not be able to change the invoice holder, but it will depend on each particular case. In any case, you should contact GreenIce by any of the means of contact.