Purchasing Process

What are the necessary steps to make a purchase?

The purchasing process is very simple. The essential steps to make a purchase are as follows:
  1. Selects the/The Products You want and add/s to the shopping cart. Once you have them all, press the "Confirm" button in the basket and you will access the shopping cart.
  2. Once in the cart, if you already have an account in GreenIce, simply enter your email and password, and all the fields will be completed with your information. If you do not have an account, you must enter your corresponding data and the shipping address.
  3. Then you must select the form of shipping and the form of payment that suits you.
  4. Finally, press "confirm" to complete your purchase.
After you make your purchase, you will receive an email with your purchase confirmation.
If you have chosen to pick up your order in our store, you must bring your DNI with you. In the event that someone else is going to pick up the order for you, it will have to have an authorization duly signed by you and accompanied by a photocopy of your DNI. We'll keep this document.

Problems when making the payment.

In the event of an error in making the payment with your Visa, Mastercard or American Express card, this may be due to several reasons:
  • Our website has active "secure Purchase" security protocol for card payments. If you don't have this active option on your card, you won't be able to receive the SMS or authorization via APP that will send your bank to complete the purchase.
  • Your card may have expired.
  • You may also have reached your card's use limit.
If these problems could not be solved quickly, we recommend you make the purchase by another of the media that we have available, such as PayPal, Amazon Pay, bank transfer, Cash on Delivery etc

Stock and availability of products

Remember that orders made before the 19, They will leave the same day of our warehouse and are delivered to the address indicated in the following 24 hours, as long as, and here is the really important thing, there is STOCK of the products purchased

And how can I verify that there is stock of the chosen product?

To do so within each of the product cards, you can find in the right margin of the screen, under the button "Add to the cart", the current stock with the number of units available to be sent immediately, as well as the future stocks and Delivery time of the same.
If there is STOCK available: The order will leave our warehouse immediately and be delivered in the 24 hours following the fulfillment of your order.
If there is no STOCK: You must wait for the estimated date of arrival of the material, so that your order can be sent to the complete.
This information will always be available so that the customer is fully informed of the delivery times of each product and of the available stock of the same always. Remember that these deadlines are as rigorous as possible, but that they can suffer variations.
If one of the deadlines is modified, the GREENICE customer service will communicate to you, either via email or phone call, the approximate delivery time for the total shipment of your order. Likewise, you will be kept informed of any variation that may arise from that period.
In case an order is made up of several different products, not being all available for shipment at the time of the order, the customer may request partial shipment of your order and the subsequent shipment of the pending material. Such partial delivery may only be requested when the total shipment of the order is delayed more than the deadlines indicated on the web and this shipment must finally be approved by GREENICE. GreenIce will always have the final decision regarding the realization of partial shipments.