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GREENICE offers exclusive prices to lighting professionals. We have a clear commitment: always offer the best price.

Registration form as a professional

Exclusive Benefits and Services

Application procedure

Dropshipping Advantages

Always the best prices

Advantages of registering as a professional or distributor in GREENICE

We offer discounts on uur store's the retail prices. They vary depending on the volume of purchases, history, product type, etc.

In addition to the discount with which each professional can count, we offer additional discounts for volume only for professionals. You can consult them in the following link: Quantity Discounts

We offer our professional customers personalized attention. You can contact our sales department directly on4420 3868 1859 or by email to email We will answer immediately.

We provide special attention to professionals when processing their orders. Our sales team is always available for any enquiry or information about payments and shipments.

Financing Your purchases

We offer our professional customers the possibility of credit at 30 or 60 days from the invoice date.

After studying and approving the customer's request, this form of payment is activated in their account with a credit line which can be used from that moment on.

You can request your credit line by following this link: Apply for credit .

If you require direct shipment to your final customer, it can be managed easily by GreenIce. Both the delivery note and the carrier's label will not include any mention of GreenIce. The shipment is 100% anonymous.

Our professional customers can download their own PDF catalogues of GREENICE products, with their data and corporate image, and profit margins.

You can find out how to download a custom catalogure by following this link: Create catalog.

If you have an online store we can offer the possibility of automatically incorporating our catalogue in your store automatically, constantly updated.

Shipments to your final customers will be made anonymously.


Once you have completed the application form, and your line of credit is approved by GreenIce, you will have an active line with an established limit.

When you wish to place an order, you must select the new payment form in the shopping cart called "Payment by Direct Debit".

For your control, in the private area you will have a section where you can check the balance spent and amount available, as well as the date on which the invoices will be charged to your account.

On Friday of each week, GREENICE will issue a direct debit with payment at 30 or 60 days (depending on your choice at the time of registration), for the invoicess accumulated during the week. The amount of the credit notes will be deducted for possible returns. That same Friday you will also receive an email with the detailed amount of the direct debit, the payment date and the invoices that it is made up of.

On the due date, we will present this direct debit to the bank for collection.

To apply for a line of credit it is necessary to have a trade account with GreenIce. If you do not have one yet, you can create it in the following section: Trade Customers.

Subsequently, it will be necessary to complete the form of Application for Credit Line and the “Modelo SEPA Form” for direct debits..

  • Application for Credit Line form: You must indicate the required credit limit, as well as your choice of payment at 30 or 60 days. If you have a specific day for payment, please also fill this in.
  • Application for Credit Line form: You must indicate the required credit limit, as well as your choice of payment at 30 or 60 days. If you have a specific day for payment, please also fill this in.

Dropshipping GreenIce

Dropshipping is a direct distribution system to the final customer that Greenice offers to its professional customers.

If you have an online store, GREENICE will provide you with your product catalogue and all available media to be able to load the products GREENICE into your online store.

  • Your customer places an order in your online store

  • GREENICE sends the order directly to your final customer anonymously. The shipping is done without labels or any mention of our company.

  • Sell without investment

    The investment is minimal. You only need to have a website to start selling products. You won't have to advance any money.

  • Sell without stock

    You will not have to buy the products and then resell them. You'll just have to deal with selling.

  • Sell without a warehouse

    Since you don't need stock, you don't need to have a warehouse. We handle the storage and shipping of the products you sell.

Getting started

To start you simply need to have an online store. We will provide you with the catalogue to be loaded in to your store.

To become Dropshipper has no cost. The only cost you will incur is the creation of your online store and possible advertising costs if you decide to promote your store.

Depending on the platform upon which your store is developed, we will provide you with the catalogue in the format you need. We also have modules for different platforms which make it easier to import and update the catalog.

Dropshipping shipments with Greenice

The main object of distribution through dropshipping is to save expenses to the seller. In this case, when you receive an order we will proceed to send the material to your customer. In addition, all shipments are anonymous, so your customer will think that you have sent the material directly.

It is very common in e-commerce to receive returns and requests for exchanges from customers that, in addition to the extra management, imply additional expenses. In our case, GreenIce takes care of the collections and exchanges, in addition to assuming the extra transport costs. You must only manage the contact with your customer.

You'll never have to advance money. Your customer will place an order in your store, paying the same instantly. Once you have received the order and the money, you must place the order in our dropshipping store. You have no risk.

All forms of payment are available, except Cash on Delivery. You can pay by credit/debit card, Paypal, bank transfer, financed payment, Amazon pay…

You'll set the sales prices in your shop. You will also have special discounts for dropshippers in our store, so you can set the most profitable margin.

Warranty and after-sales service

The products supplied will have a guarantee of 2 years from the moment the material is delivered by our transporter to the customer's address.

Your customer will have 30 days to proceed with the return or change of any item purchased from the date the material was delivered by our transporter.

Are you interested? If you want to start with us or need more information,please fill in this form


That's right, we always guarantee the best price for all LED stores and lighting stores.

Always the best prices compared to any other store. Guaranteed (and with a prize)

We guarantee the best price compared with any other seller, shop, warehouse, etc. But if you find a product that we sell at a lower price, we promise to match it. No jokes, no excuses.

Every day we take care to adjust the prices of our products, so that you won't find it cheaper anywhere else.

If you find a product at a better price, you must notify us as soon as possible. How? With the button "I found this product cheaper " found on all product pages.

You can tell us about prices of online stores (indicating the link to the product), or of a physical establishment (attaching proof, such as an invoice, catalogue ...).

We will modify the price of the product immediately if the following conditions are fulfilled:

- Special offers, temporary sales, or liquidations will not countr.

- Conditions of purchase,payment and shipment must be the same as those of GreenIce.

- Conditions of purchase,payment and shipment must be the same as those of GreenIce.

- It is important that you provide us with the link to the online store where the product is at a better price, or, if it is a physical establishment, reliable proof of the price of the product (packing slip, invoice, catalogue). All this can be sent via the online form.

- If you have an offer in which the price you have found is for a minimum quantity, we will give you this price for an order of the same or greater quantity, but we do not commit to changing the public retail price.

For each product sent indicating a better price, that complies with the conditions described in the preceding paragraph, and after a verification by our team on the accuracy and validity of the information, We will send a 10% discount coupon for your next purchase.

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