Always, always, always the best prices

That's right, we always guarantee the best price for all LED stores and lighting stores.

Always the best prices compared to any other store. Guaranteed (and with a prize).

  • Always the product at the best price. If you find it cheaper, we'll match it.
    We guarantee the best price regarding any other seller, shop, Warehouse, etc. But if you find a product that we sell, at a lower price, we promise to match it. No jokes, no excuses.
  • Daily prices are revised and adjusted
    Every day we take care to adjust all the prices of our products, so that you won't find it cheaper anywhere else.
  • What happens if I find a cheaper product than GreenIce?
    If you find a product at a better price, you must notify us as soon as possible. And how? Through the button "I found this product cheaper " found on all product pages.
    You can notify us of prices of online stores (indicating the link to the product), or of a physical establishment (attached a test, like an invoice, catalogue ...).
  • What Are the conditions for the new price to be valid?
    We will modify the price of the product immediately if the following conditions are fulfilled:
    - The product must be of identical or very similar characteristics.
    - No products will be compared in special offers, temporary, liquidation ...
    - Neither products of suppliers or foreign shops will be compared in which the conditions of purchase or shipment are not equal to those of GreenIce or any other store in Spain.
    - It is important that we facilitate the link to the online store where the product is at the best price, or, if it is a physical establishment, a reliable proof of the price of the product (packing slip, invoice, catalogue). Through the form of the best price you will be able to send this information.
    - If you have an offer in which the price you have found is for a minimum amount, we this price for you for an order of the same or greater quantity, but we do not commit to change the price to the public.
  • And what do I earn by informing about a product at the best price?
    That is why, for each product sent indicating a better price, that complies with the conditions described in the preceding paragraph, and after a verification by our team on the accuracy and validity of the information, We will send a 10% discount couponyou’re your next purchase.