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What is a COOKIE?

  • A cookie is a file that will be downloaded to your computer when you access certain Web pages. Cookies allow a Web page, among other things, to store and retrieve information about the browsing habits of a user or of your computer and, depending on the information they contain and the way your computer is used, can be used to recognize it.

  • However, these media only obtain information related to the number of pages visited, the city to which the IP address is assigned from which it is accessed, the number of new users, the frequency and relapse of visits, the visiting time, in Browser or the operator or type of terminating from which you access the Web.

  • These cookies are associated only with an anonymous user and his computer and do not provide references that allow the user's name and surname to be deduced or to access another type of data stored on the device.

  • The Cookies of GREENICE They cannot read data from your hard drive or read the cookie files created by other service providers.

What cookies do we use in GREENICE?

  • GREENICE uses:


    Own cookies:


    PrestaShop-8730dbe8cb8c89b4bd5ad3c237dab30d  y PrestaShop-a30a9934ef476d11b6cc3c983616e364

    Technical Cookie designed to maintain visitor preferences for future visits



    Enable unique visitation control function. The first time a user enters the site through a browser will install this cookie. When this user returns to our page with the same browser, the cookie will consider it to be the same user. Just in case the user changes browser, Google Analytics will consider it another user.


    Cookies of the services of Advertising of Google Adwords.


    They are advertising cookies used to improve advertising. They are often used to orient advertising based on content that is relevant to a user, improve campaign performance reports, and avoid displaying ads that the user has already seen


    Cookie allows user tracking by synchronizing ID in many Microsoft domains

    _ may

    While this cookie is located through the website, it is considered to be third parties, because the information it allows to collect is transmitted and stored on the servers of Google Inc.


    It is used to differentiate between the different objects of monitoring created in the session. The cookie is created when you load the JavaScript library and there is no previous version of the cookie gat. The cookie is updated every time you send the data to Google Analytics.


    Web Analytics tool that collects anonymous information about the use and origin of visits and other statistical data


    Provides recommendations related to specific products based on statistical data and navigation


    Takes care of Register A request for contact via telephone as a conversion. Its duration is between 1-2 months


    Enables user session ID logging function and connection time


    It contains information about the visitor.


    Contains information about the session.


    These cookies allow Google Web sites to remember information that changes the appearance or behavior of the site, such as your preferred language or the region you are in. For example, by remembering your region, a website can provide you with news about local traffic or weather bulletins. These cookies also allow you to change the size of the text, font, and other parts of the Web pages that You can personalize. The stored data is run through several unique identifiers, with the exception of PREF that saves your options, such as the level of Zoom Preferred. While we don't have control over Google cookies, it includes a mix of information snippets to measure the number and behavior of users.


    Technical cookie to control cookie acceptance.

    • If you do not want to accept third party cookies you can configure your browser, but you should be aware that disabling cookies can disable the functions offered by these third parties.
    • In GREENICE We use cookies to offer you a more personalized experience with your preferences and your browsing sessions. This way you will not have to provide the same information every time you visit our website. Cookies are also used to improve the performance of the page, as they make the purchase process easier, helping you find items more easily.
    • In order to protect your personal data and any possible loss of information or form of illicit data processing, Greenice has adopted the appropriate technical and organizational measures.
    • For more information visit our Privacy Policy.
    • Our includes cookies/advertising IDs for advertising purposes. This allows us to show advertising to visitors interested in our products on our partners ' websites, Apps and emails. Retargeting technologies use their cookies or IDs and show advertising based on their previous browsing.
      You can opt to exclude advertising based on your interests (Opt-out) Entering the following websites:

      We can share information, such as technical identifiers from your registration data in our our CRM system with our trusted advertising partners. This allows them to link their devices and/or environments and offer them an integrated experience in the different devices and environments that you use. To read more about your link capabilities, see your Privacy policy, which list will be found on the above platforms or listed below.
    • Criteo Privacy Policy:]
    • Frequently Asked Questions For: Cookies



    Why are there now notices about the using cookies?

    In 2012 a modification was introduced in article 22.2 of the Law on services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce (LSSICE) of 2002. Until then, it was taken for granted that the Web pages warned of the use of cookies in the texts that included under the heading of the style "legal notice", "conditions of use", "Terms of Use", "Data Protection policy" &... But it was considered

    After the modification of 2012 established that the user must consent to the use of cookies, after being duly informed of the purposes for which they are used.


    What are the penalties for disobeying cookie rules?


    Slight infringements carry fines of up to 30,000 euros and the serious can reach 150,000, although the jurisprudence has never reached those extremes, usually establishing amounts of between 500 and 25,000 euros.


    Can I remove cookies from my computer?


    Yes, you can control or delete cookies whenever you want, but with it you can experience a different behavior on the Web, you can also configure most browsers to stop accepting them. In case you Rejects or deletes them, some Web features may not work properly.

    Can cookies be a danger for my computer?


    No, a cookie is a text file, it's not a program or a plug-in. It cannot be used as a virus and cannot access your hard drive. It is the browser itself and not a person who saves the cookie from a Web page when necessary.



    Can cookies fill my hard drive?


    Although the cookies occupy very little space (scarce kilobytes), as you surf the Internet the accumulation of these can come to occupy a relatively large space on the hard disk. That's why What Both browsers and operating systems have their own automatic systems so that this does not happen, usually with a maximum number of cookies that can be stored. When that number is exceeded, the browser will automatically remove those that have been used less.


    Who should comply with this Regulation?

    o   The corporate pages of the companies.

    o   The corporate pages of self-employed professionals, regardless of whether they are used to inform about their businesses or as online shops.

    o   Online stores and other e-commerce platforms.

    o   The media or blogs of individuals that include some type of publicity.

    This applies both to companies and professionals established in Spain and to those foreign websites directed to the Spanish public.


    How do I turn off cookies?

    • Open Firefox.
    • Press the "ALT" key on the keypad.
    • In the menu that appears above on the screen, choose "Tools" and then "options".
    • Click on "Privacy".
    • In "Firefox You Can": choose "Use a custom configuration for your history". Uncheck the "Accept cookies" option to deactivate them and save the changes you made.

    • Open Internet Explorer.
    • Click on the "Tools" button and then on "Internet Options".
    • Select "Privacy".
    • In "Advanced" you can turn off cookies and save the changes you made.

    • Open Google Chrome.
    • Click on the "Tools" menu.
    • Select "Options".
    • Click on the "Advanced" tab. In the "Privacy" section, click on "Content Settings".
    • In the "Cookies" tab, you can disable cookies and save the selected changes.

    • Open Safari.
    • Select "Preferences" from the menu and click "Security" (top right).
    • In the "Accept cookies " section, you can choose whether Safari should accept cookies from the sites you enter. For more information, click the question mark.