Smart LED Bulb Brightness /Cct Adjustables With Broadlink Rm Pro E14 5W 400Lm

Smart LED Bulb Brightness /Cct Adjustables With Broadlink Rm Pro E14 5W 400Lm

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    Smart LED Bulb Brightness /Cct Adjustables With Broadlink Rm Pro E14 5W 400Lm


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    • Product Code R5012KS-868E14-WHI
      Product Code

      Indicates the product reference assigned by Greenice.

    • Nominal Wattage (W) 5
      Nominal Wattage (W)

      It is the consumption generated by the product.

    • Colour Cool/Daylight/Warm

      Shows available light temperature options. Can be White, Cool White or Warm White. It is measured in Kelvin degrees.

    • Kelvin º 6000/4200/3000
      Kelvin º
    • IP Rating IP25
      IP Rating

      Informs us if the product is for interior or exterior installation, as well as the degree of protection.

    • Nominal Voltage 85-265VAC
      Nominal Voltage

      It indicates the voltage at which the product should work.

    • Materials Aluminium/PC

      Indicates the materials of which the product is composed.

    • Life Expectancy (H) 50.000
      Life Expectancy (H)

      They are the operating hours of the product.

    • Beam Angle (º) 120
      Beam Angle (º)

      The opening angle is the surface on which the product light will emit.

    • Dimensions (mm) Ø40x90
      Dimensions (mm)

      It informs us of the exact measurements of each product.

    • Dimmable Yes

      Indicates whether the light intensity can be dimmed.

    • Replacement For (W) 40
      Replacement For (W)

      Equivalence between traditional lighting and LED.

    • Lumens (Lm) 400
      Lumens (Lm)

      Measured in Lumens, it is used to measure the luminous flux emitted by the light source.

    • CRI 80

      A light source’s ability to reproduce the colors of objects faithfully compared to an ideal source of light, or natural source like sunlight.

    • Frequency (Hz) 50/60
      Frequency (Hz)

      Indicates the working frequency of the product.

    • Energy Rating A++
      Energy Rating

      Indicates the degree of energy classification.

    • Temperature Range (ºC) -20 +40
      Temperature Range (ºC)

      Maximum and minimum temperature at which the product can work.

    • Luminous Efficiency (Lm/W) 80
      Luminous Efficiency (Lm/W)

      Amount of light emitted in relation to the energy consumed.

    • On/Off Cycles 100.000
      On/Off Cycles

      Number of times a luminaire can be turned on and off before it fails.

    • Base E14

       Area of the bulb that fits inside the socket where it is housed.

    • Diffuser Opal
    • Regulable Driver Yes
      Regulable Driver
    • Starting Time (s) 0.1
      Starting Time (s)

      Turn-on time.

    • Certifications

      Certificates CE and ROHS of our products.

    • Energy Consumption (kWh / 1000h) 5
      Energy Consumption (kWh / 1000h)
    • Other Information Detailed specifications in "description"
      Other Information

      Any other information of our products.


    Fácil instalación:

    Compatible con todas las luminarias E26 / E27, no necesita ningún nuevo cableado o redes. No es necesario llamar a un electricista.

    Fácil de usar:

    Puede poner el atenuador en cualquier lugar que necesite con un rango de interior de hasta 100 pies / 30 metros. Presionando el botón + o – para fortalecer o debilitar el brillo un 10% por cada operación.


    1. Un interruptor remoto controla una bombilla.
    2. Hasta 10 interruptores remotos  controlan una bombilla.
    3. Un interruptor remoto controla hasta 100 bombillas.


    Paso 1 - Instalación de la bombilla:

    1. Desconecte la corriente y enrosque la bombilla LED en la lámpara.
    2. Encienda su interruptor de luz de pared y encienda la bombilla inteligente.
    3. Ahora puedes controlar tu luz usando el interruptor.1.

    Paso 2 - Instalación del transmisor (interruptor):

    1. Arranque la cinta adhesiva en la parte posterior de la base
    2. Pegue la base a la pared con cinta adhesiva.
    3. Conecte el transmisor en la base.