LED Floodlight SMD3030 IP65 500W 50.000Lm 50.000H

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    LED Floodlight SMD3030 IP65 500W 50.000Lm 50.000H

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    • Product Code WR-SDF- 500W-CW
      Product Code

      Indicates the product reference assigned by Greenice.

    • Nominal Wattage (W) 500
      Nominal Wattage (W)

      It is the consumption generated by the product.

    • Colour Cool White

      Shows available light temperature options. Can be White, Cool White or Warm White. It is measured in Kelvin degrees.

    • Kelvin º 6000
      Kelvin º
    • IP Rating IP65
      IP Rating

      Informs us if the product is for interior or exterior installation, as well as the degree of protection.

    • Nominal Voltage 85-265VAC
      Nominal Voltage

      It indicates the voltage at which the product should work.

    • Materials Aluminium/PC

      Indicates the materials of which the product is composed.

    • Number & Type of LEDs SMD3030
      Number & Type of LEDs

      Number of leds contained in the product.

    • Life Expectancy (H) 50.000
      Life Expectancy (H)

      They are the operating hours of the product.

    • Beam Angle (º) 120
      Beam Angle (º)

      The opening angle is the surface on which the product light will emit.

    • Dimensions (mm) 631x471x212
      Dimensions (mm)

      It informs us of the exact measurements of each product.

    • Dimmable No

      Indicates whether the light intensity can be dimmed.

    • Replacement For (W) 1500
      Replacement For (W)

      Equivalence between traditional lighting and LED.

    • Weight (Gr) 11900
      Weight (Gr)
    • Lumens (Lm) 50000
      Lumens (Lm)

      Measured in Lumens, it is used to measure the luminous flux emitted by the light source.

    • Power Factor (PF) 0.95
      Power Factor (PF)

      Relationship between active power and apparent power.

    • CRI 80

      A light source’s ability to reproduce the colors of objects faithfully compared to an ideal source of light, or natural source like sunlight.

    • Frequency (Hz) 50/60
      Frequency (Hz)

      Indicates the working frequency of the product.

    • Energy Rating A++
      Energy Rating

      Indicates the degree of energy classification.

    • Temperature Range (ºC) -20 +65
      Temperature Range (ºC)

      Maximum and minimum temperature at which the product can work.

    • Luminous Efficiency (Lm/W) 100
      Luminous Efficiency (Lm/W)

      Amount of light emitted in relation to the energy consumed.

    • On/Off Cycles 100.000
      On/Off Cycles

      Number of times a luminaire can be turned on and off before it fails.

    • Diffuser Opal
    • Regulable Driver No
      Regulable Driver
    • Starting Time (s) 0.1
      Starting Time (s)

      Turn-on time.

    • Certifications

      Certificates CE and ROHS of our products.

    • Energy Consumption (kWh / 1000h) 500
      Energy Consumption (kWh / 1000h)

    El Foco Proyector LED de 500W SMD3030 se emplea donde es necesario un sistema de iluminación alta potencia. Es perfecto para reemplazar a los proyectores tradicionales desde 1.000W hasta los 1.500W.

    Posee un excelente rendimiento de 100lm/W, consiguiendo una luminosidad total de 40.000 lúmenes. La luz emitida se distribuye en un ángulo de apertura de 120º. Este proyector LED de exterior tiene una vida útil de 50.000 horas.

    El Foco Proyector LED de 500W SMD3030 cuenta con una carcasa de aluminio de la más alta calidad. Posee un índice de protección IP65 que garantiza un perfecto funcionamiento en espacios exteriores.

    Este tipo de iluminación LED de alta potencia se emplea en instalaciones a gran altura, como pueden ser campos de futbol, canteras de piedra o astilleros. También ve uso en la iluminación de fachadas de edificios o monumentos.

    Una de las principales ventajas de la iluminación LED es el considerable ahorro en la factura de la luz que nos proporciona. Por otro lado, su larga vida útil minimiza los costes de mantenimiento y reposición de las luminarias. El encendido inmediato y sin parpadeos permite restablecer, de forma inmediata, las condiciones de luz previas a un corte de suministro.