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led module manufacturing

How does it work?

Nowadays, there are plenty of LED solutions that cover the most common demands, however, for many specialized applications, there are simply no generic solutions.

Customized manufacturing is one of the great advantages of our LED modules, which can include your brand or your client’s in the final process.

The design is made according to the parameters provided by the customer and our advanced manufacturing technology achieves a product that meets 100% with these parameters.

know all the parameters

Technical data that we will provide

1.Specifications of the LED module:

  • •Number of LEDs.
  • I max.
  • V max.
  • I nominal.
  • V nominal.
  • T max.
  • Room temperature.
  • IP rating.

2.Components used:

  • LED Chip.
  • Type of terminal.
  • PCB.

3.Paremeters of the LED module:

  • Color temperature (CCT).
  • Ra.
  • ANSI classification
  • Maximum current
  • Electrostatic charge
  • Max. T.

4.Spectral characteristics of the chip.

5.Wiring diagram.

6.Life expectancy.


8.Components certification.

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