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Luminária Estanque IP65 2 X Tubo de LED 1500Mm ABS/Pc


Luminária Estanque IP65 2 X Tubo de LED 1500Mm ABS/Pc

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    Luminária Estanque IP65 2 X Tubo de LED 1500Mm ABS/Pc


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    , The Watertight Screen for two LED Tubes ref. CX-YH4258T is designed to protect LED tubes from the weather.

    , Includes:

    • , Stainless Steel Anti-Vandalism Clips
    • , Polycarbonate diffuser resistant to impact and twisting.
    • , Anti-UV finish to prevent fading.
    • , Stuffing-box.
    • , Grey body.
    • , Tray/Reflector painted metal.
    • , Wired with lamp holder to connect LED tubes on either end.

    What type of light should you choose for each room?

    Cool white: (6000 – 6500ºK) Gives the space a dynamic,bright,clean look. Maximum luminosity in workspaces such as Workshops,Hospitals,Car parks,Offices,Supermarkets,etc.

    Daylight: (4000 – 4500ºK) The most versatile light of all. Similar to daylight. Perfect for any sort of room.

    Warm white: (3000ºK) This warm light is perfect for settings decorated in materials such as wood,gold and classical elements. Perfect for Restaurants,Waiting rooms,Events rooms,etc.


    RGB: This light is perfect to give a festive lively feel to any space in need of lighting.

    GreenIce is a brand you can trust,with years of experience in LED lighting. We're proud of the quality and innovation of our products,which have a full 2-year guarantee and 30-day return policy.

    Main advantages of LED:


    LED lighting,allows you to cut power use by up to 70% without sacrificing the amount or quality of light. The energy efficiency of a traditional light bulb is 10%,while a LED diode takes advantage of 80%.


    LEDs don't have filaments that can break or burn out. They deteriorate gradually over their lifespan. They could last up to 50,000 hours,after which they,slowly begin to lose intensity below 75%.


    LED light,is brighter and clearer than halogen or fluorescent light. They come on immediately and never fail,flicker or vary in intensity.


    LED devices save a huge amount of energy,don't emit infrared rays,don't contain mercury and don't generate light pollution. 98% of their parts are recyclable and are perfect for combining with solar power.