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LED lighting products intended for professional and demanding use.

We classify as LED Commercial Lighting those products specially oriented to installers and professionals who are dedicated to carrying out projects of a large scale. The main products that can be found within these categories are the following.

LED High Bay Fittings strong>

A product is widely used for the illumination of large areas of industrial type where optimum illumination is required. LED High Bay Fittings reduce consumption compared to their incandescent technology. They can be found with different designs, and the client can choose the design that best suits their needs. In addition, you can find different available so the customer can choose the best lighting option, always taking into account that the higher the roof height, the greater the power available.

Also, there is the same version, but intended for food products, whether for fish, for dairy products, for trade or for ready-to-eat dishes. Depending on the utility that is going to be given, the tonality will vary from one color to another.

Public lighting

Public lighting is one of the great sectors in the field of lighting. With the replacement to LED, you can save up to 50% in energy and economic consumption. Since they do not need any extra element like starters, they provide 100% illumination from the start with an automatic start. Available in various designs and with various powers, they are an ideal replacement for the outdated public lighting lamps.

Emergency Lighting

These products are destined to the replacement of the old emergency luminaires. Its luminosity varies from 60 Lm to 300 Lm depending on the utility that you want to give it. Available for embedding or on the surface, these elements must be installed according to the Technical Building Code or CTE.

Lane Spotlights strong>

This type of products is usually used in places where specific lighting spaces are required and which can be modified depending on the requirements that are in place at any given time. It is widely used in art galleries, exhibitions and large surfaces with a standard roof measurement.

9-33VDC LED and Spotlights for Automotive and Nile strong>

Widely used for cranes, caravans and boats since they work with the main power of these vehicles. They provide a great illumination with a compact design.