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GreenIce : Your Lighting Shop with the best price in LED bulbs and accessories

In GreenIce we are pioneers in the commercialization of LED lighting products, being currently one of the leading online stores of LED lightsin Spain and throughout Europe.

Conscious of the environment and energy efficiency

We are an environmentally conscious store, with LED technology products being much less polluting than the luminaires of predecessor technologies.

We are specialists in LED lighting

In our store you can find more than 5,000 different products of LED lighting and as specialists that we are, we have a team of professionals who are willing to advise you on any questions you may have.

In GreenIce we are totally focused on providing the best LED lighting products, carrying on continuous research to offer the most efficient products. The world of lighting is constantly evolving. LED bulbs are no longer simple bulbs to provide light. There are many models and forms, each with its own characteristics and with different uses. The same applies to LED Flood Lights. A world within lighting that can determine, based on the choice made, the appearance of a room.

LED lamps have also been affected by the LED revolution, adapting to all styles and trends of the moment. Just as LED lighting does not stop evolving, we do not stop at GreenIce either.

Energy efficiency of LED Bulbs

We are an environmentally conscious store, with LED technology products being much less polluting than the luminaires of predecessor technologies.

If anything characterizes all LED lights is its maximum performance efficiency. The main feature is undoubtedly the savings they offer us. The saving of LED bulbs compared to predecessor lighting technologies is up to 70%, directly affecting the cost that we all must assume. But saving is not the only advantage that LED bulbs offer us. We have talked about the energy efficiency of LED technology, but what are the benefits? In addition to savings in consumption, LED lights have a much higher durability, exceeding 30,000 hours of use, which reduces maintenance costs. On the other hand, we must emphasize that LED bulbs do not contain mercury, do not produce infrared radiation, do not produce light pollution and are 100% recyclable.

LED lights for home decoration and professional use

Within all of GreenIce lighting products, we can find products aimed at private or residential use, such as all our LED bulbs, LED ceiling spotlights, or garden products, as well as other products intended for commercial and industrial use (tracklights for commercial premisses, high bays...).

If we talk about LED Home Lighting, in GreenIce we can find many options to illuminate our spaces and benefit from the advantages that LED lights can offer. Our catalog covers LED decoration products for all rooms and styles. Do you need LED spotlights to embed in the ceiling? Or maybe LED fittings for the hallways or the living room? Or battens or surface mounted fittings for the kitchen ceiling? In our store we have all the solutions and, if you do not find it, we will help you.

Of course, we do not leave aside LED Commercial Lighting, of which we can affirm that GreenIce is a true expert, with more than several tens of thousands of professional clients within the sector. What do our products offer for LED lighting professionals? Maximum quality and perfect performance. Guarantee and durability, as well as a catalog of products that allows us to cover all the needs that our professionals demand. We offer solutions for industrial lighting, lighting for public spaces and public roads, products specially designed for the tertiary sector and commerce, including all types of solutions for sign makers. Our team consists of a technical department composed of engineers who are continuously developing improvements in GreenIce products.

At GreenIce we are well aware that LED lighting technology must be accessible to all homes and businesses, and our goal is to get more people to enjoy the savings achieved in each house and business by each LED bulb.