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LED tracklights. The best retail lighting.

The LED Track Lights for rail installation use LED technology to illuminate shops by means of monophonic, dual and three-way lanes. They are the lighting product par excellence in shops and stores, because they provide the perfect lighting that every store needs to highlight and make the products more attractive.

One of the main characteristics of the Track Lights is the great variety of forms of installation and mobility of their parts, with the spotlights installed on a track through which they can be moved.

Among the characteristics of LED track lights, we can highlight the chromatic reproduction height they provide, the correct opening angle in order to focus the light at certain points, as well as anti-glare elements to avoid inconvenience in the customers of the establishments.

In GreenIce we have a large number of models and powers that adapt easily to any situation, with single, dual and three-way rail lights, plus all the accessories , connections and fixing elements that make possible the total installation of all the track lights.