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LED Emergency Lighting

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LED emergency fittings for light during power cuts.

The LED Emergency Lighting comes in both surface mounted type and recessed type. GreenIce counts in its catalog of a wide variety of designs that guarantee a lower consumption than the traditional emergency luminaires. They offer economical solutions when power cuts occur, as well as they help to indicate emergencies and emergency concentration points.

Designed for use in interior areas, its function is to offer a visual communication system synthesized in a set of symbols or symbols that fulfill the function of guiding, orienting or organizing to a person or group of people in those points of the space that pose behavioral dilemmas. The installation of this type of luminaires is mandatory in any building or place with a service open to the public (shopping centers, factories, industrial polygons, technology parks, airports, etc.).

These Led emergency luminaires meet all the regulations and requirements for products with similar importance:

Low Tension Directive: 2006/95 / CEE.
EMC Directive: 2004/108 / CEE
UNE-EN 60598-1: Luminaires - General Requirements and tests.
UNE-EN 60598-2-22: Luminaires for emergency lighting.
UNE EN 62031: LED modules for general lighting. Security requirements
UNE-EN 55015: Limits and methods of measurement of the characteristics related to the radioelectric disturbance of lighting equipment and the like.
EN 61547: General-purpose lighting equipment - EMC immunity requirements.
UNE-EN 61000-3-2: Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) - Limits.

GreenIce has in its catalog a wide variety of designs that guarantee lower consumption than traditional emergency luminaires. It offers economic solutions when there are cuts in the electrical supply, as well as helping to indicate emergency exits and points of concentration in case of emergencies.

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