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Square LED Slimline Downlights

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A slim profile product for easy installation.

The Square LED Slimline Downlights use LED technology to improve lighting quality, service lifetime, heat dissipation and energy savings. They are designed for commercial, industrial and residential installations. Square in shape, they are ideal to replace the old Downlights with the same cutting diameter.

The perfect use of the Led technology gives this product a lower energy consumption, which translates into a reduction in the costs of light.

The reduced thickness of the Square LED Slimline LED Downlights allows its installation in areas where the space in the ceiling is very small. In addition, said design allows heat dissipation to be more efficient.

The catalog of GreenIce LED Square LED Slimline Downlights is very wide, with models with white or silver frames among the most common colors, and other models with colored frames and even glass.

The installation of these Downlight is similar to that of the circular ones, simply being necessary to have the precise opening in the ceiling of the area where you will go. installed the product.

Available in three shades of light (Warm White, Natural or Cold), its use is ideal for both domestic and professional uses, whether shops, shops or offices.