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LED Outdoor Floodlights with Motion Detector

LED outdoor floodlights with motion detector. How do they work?

The LED Outdoor Floodlights with Motion Detector, besides having the characteristics of the LED Floodlights for Outdoor, incorporate the possibility of activating their ignition in an authentic way with the detection of the movement.

They have the same advantages as their siblings Led Outdoor Floodlights, that is, a degree of IP65 protection, waterproof aluminum construction, etc.

The Led Floodlights with GreenIce presence detector have a detection of up to 10 meters and a luminous range that varies depending on the power of the spotlight, but can reach up to 12 meters. They allow the regulation of the duration of the ignition, which can go from scarce 5 seconds to 480. Regarding the detection speed, it is between 0.6 and 1.5 meters / second.

GreenIce has models of Floodlights with movement detector that include a proximity sensor that increases the energy saving since they start up only when it is dark and there are people in the place. Additionally there are Floodlights with motion detector that include a remote control with which the projector can be programmed to work depending on the conditions indicated.

Regarding the uses of these floodlights, they are perfect for the lighting of entrances to garages, work areas, etc.

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