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GU10 LED Bulbs

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Specific characteristics of gu10 LED bulbs. Elements to consider.

GU10 LED Spots are the replacements for the so-called halogen lamps. These spots operate directly at 220 VAC so we avoid the need to use a transformer in our installation. Fitting them is very simple, since they are directly replaced in the bull’s eyes or recessed rings of the older halogen lamps. The use of this type of spots varies from homes, shopping malls, stairs, offices, etc.

The installation of the same is very simple, since it is simply necessary to replace the old bulb with the new one directly in the portholes or recessed rings of the old halogen bulbs. P>

The use of this type of bulbs is very common in residential and professional uses, being very common its presence in all kinds of shops, restaurants or offices.

Greenice has a large variety of GU10 bulbs in its catalog that provide up to 80% savings in energy consumption, which translates directly into a significant reduction in the amount of the bill. of the light. A multitude of designs and powers available in all shades of light (warm white, natural and cold).

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