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E14 LED Bulbs

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Narrow thread light bulbs. How to distinguish them?

The E14 Bulb (also called "small screw bulb") is one of the most used bulbs in the field of lighting. They are perfect to use for decorations and ornamental appliqués, being its "candle" version, the most typical and the most used. As far as its purposes, the most predominant one is the residential (decorative appliqués), being able to be found in other ambits such as both residential and commercial. P> p>

Led Bulbs E14 are applicable to a multitude of spaces and uses, being very common its presence in ceiling lamps and wall sconces. They are available in a multitude of ways, being very common to find this product with the format of "candle" type, very present in the decorative sphere.

Like the rest of GreenIce Led Bulbs, the E14 provide a reduction of up to 80% of the energy consumption, which translates into a significant saving of costs in the electricity bill.

In GreenIce we have a wide variety of Led Bulbs E14, being able to choose between different powers, shapes (round, candle). We also have E14 filament bulbs, recreating the old filament bulbs, but with all the advantages of LED lighting.

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