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G4 LED Bulbs

Necessary elements for the installation of a g4 LED bulb

The G4 LED Bulbs are bipin type and work at 12 VDC, so it’s necessary to install a transformer. Due to their small size and low power, they make it a very good product to use in decorative appliqués reducing energy consumption at the same time.

This type of bulb is perfect for use in extremely small spaces, such as study lamps or flexes, decorative lamps or wall lamps, since, in addition, its small size avoids concentrations of temperature.

Like the rest of products that use LED technology, Led G4 bulbs provide a saving in energy consumption of up to 80% compared to its predecessors.

In the GreenIce catalog we have a wide variety of models, ranging from a power of 1W to 6W. They are also available in various forms, to be placed anywhere.