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LED Outdoor Surface Mounted Lights

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Characteristics and benefits of outdoor ceiling lights.

The Outdoor Surface Mounted Fittings are a type of downlight that use LED technology to improve quality, service lifetime and heat dissipation, ensuring energy savings in residential, commercial and industrial installations.

They are covered by a reflector that concentrates the beam of light in a smaller area and thus avoids the dispersion of light, getting as well a very characteristic illumination. Ideal to be installed superficially outdoors where you do not want to make a hole in the ceiling. They have an IP65 protection index, suitable for outdoor dust and humidity.

They are ideal for both residential and professional use, serving as the main lighting, or as an accessory, as well as roads or entrances.

Thanks to the Led technology, energy consumption is reduced by up to 80% compared to traditional technologies, which directly affects the decrease in the electricity bill.