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LED Strips SMD5050/5054 12VDC

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Characteristics of smd5050 / 5054 LED strips 12vdc

The the LED strips with whose power is at 12 VDC are more common power and whose installation is more frequent.

Available in different powers depending on the required luminous requirement, there are two versions: one of them IP25 (ideal for indoor installations) and another IP65 (recommended for outdoor installations).

This strip model is Available in all shades of white (warm (3000 K), natural (4000 K) and cold (6000 K) and in red, green, blue and yellow colors, they are marketed in 5 meter coils with different numbers of SMD chips depending on the power supplied by the strip.

It is very important to know that for installation it is necessary to install a transformer dimensioned according to the type of strip and the meters that you want to install.

In this category we can find different versions of the specific SMD 5050 strips for certain tonalities. The lighting of this type of strips is pink, ice blue and ultraviolet, very used is nightclubs and nightclubs