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LED Neon Letters

LED Neon Letters

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LED Neon Letters

What are the Neon Spellbrite LED letters?

The ultra bright SpellBrite LED signs have the same appearance as neon, but with all the advantages of LEDs. The light of each individual LED is diffused in a bright and soft line of light. With the SpellBrite modular letters, numbers and symbols you can mount any personalized sign in minutes and change it as many times as you want.

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Illuminated signs attract more customers because their light is 5 or 6 times more intense than the ambient light, so they act as a magnet for the human eye.
Summarizing: Printed signs lack impact during the day, and vanish at night. Printed signs gently call for the customer's attention, while the Neon LED grabs him.
With a lifespan of 80,000 hours and its interchangeability, your Neon LED sign will attract customers for many years.

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LED Neon Spellbrite