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LED Pool Lights

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Pool lighting with LEDs. Characteristics and elements to consider.

The LED Pool lights include different power luminaires with an IP68 ingress protection level (submersible), where you can find recessed and surface installation models. Each alternative comes with both single color, and RGB options

The Greenice LED Pool lights catalog covers different power sources with an IP68 (submersible) protection index.

Installed Recessed Spotlights: These are placed in the existing niches in the pools for this purpose. They replace the traditional 300w bulbs, consuming only 25w thanks to their Led technology.

Surface Installation Spotlights: These pool spotlights are designed to be installed in those pools that do not have holes made for the Par 56 lights. In addition to its total tightness (IP68), they are made of sturdy materials, such as stainless steel, for constant contact with water.