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Different types of outdoor LED lighting

LED Street Lighting is one of the branches of lighting where LED technology has been able to contribute the most. The fact that a notable reduction in energy consumption, added to the longer life of the product, has caused that Led lighting has spread among the public lighting.

In GreenIce we have a wide catalog of public street lighting products, among which we can highlight LED street lamps, LED public lighting lamps and LED floodlights specifically designed for tunnels.

LED Street Lighting lamps, available in E40 ferrules, were initially designed to be used for lighting public roads, although they are also very often found in gardens, parks , inside the tulips of the streetlights.

Regarding the Led Street lights, we can say that their main characteristic is the robustness of them and their high efficiency. These provide savings of up to 80% in energy consumption with respect to the predecessor technologies.